Documenting the most amazing moment ever, sounds simple BECAUSE IT IS!!

From your first baby to your 6th, from surrogacy to IVF.  No matter how your little soul has come to you, I want to know your story + be the one to capture this moment. From home birth, hospital birth + free birth I got you girl.  

When booking with me I don't just show up on the day, we prepare I guide you we work on what you want to see, what emotions do you want evoked from this birth.  Guiding you on the best lighting + how to get the best from your photography + film.

Sneak peeks within 24 hours from birth, on call from 38 weeks 24/7.  I bet you have a million questions; how? when do I call?

Well hit the book complimentary meet up down low + let me tell you in person.