Welcome to my website!!  You will see from my work here that my heart and soul goes into every click I take. 


So the fact your here even looking at my work is such an honour so thank you.

I am sure you have a few questions of your own, so I put together a list on my frequently asked.  Now each family is different so please don't think this list means you can't ask me.

Why should I chose Olive Juice Creations & Lifestyle Photography?

Really it comes down to how passionate I am about what I do! 


I love capturing photos of everyone in the most candid way possible.


From Birth to large groups I love capturing the "Candid Love"

Outdoor sessions I welcome the pets to come (just please don't make me hold your pet snake). 

I love to feel emotions through my images. I love hanging out with fun, new people and talking and of course having a laugh!


I PROMISE to make your session as enjoyable and relaxed as possible.  

Where are you located?

My office is located at 110 Bloomfield Street Cleveland QLD. 

In saying all of that I travel anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast for $25.00. 

Yes that is $25!! Should you location be further than this area have no fear I can still come just message me and we will work out the travel and price for you. 

Your investment is in the images not my travel xo

What should I expect during a session?

Every session is unique so if your friends have worked with me then you won't get what they got.  You will get a tailored session just for your family and this unique time in your lives.

Birth - well this is really all down to what bubby is going to do, I am very relaxed and go with the flow.  I am hiding in the background waiting for that perfect moment, the raw candid moments of the beauty that is BIRTH.

Newborn sessions - Well first of all I will ask for a cuddle hehe .  I will help guide you to capture and draw out the natural emotion you will be experiencing during those first moments together.


In all seriousness though your online questionnaire you will receive when booking with me will give me just about all I need to ensure i know what I need to help make your family comfortable with me.

Kirby, I dont know what to wear?  What do I wear?

There are choices you can make about what to wear that will make your session that little bit extra special to look back on.


My best suggestions;

Best place to start is dressing mum first (take this opportunity to go out and buy yourself something you looooove!) and for once everyone else should come after mum and the rest will just flow.

Neutrals are timeless! Flowy maxi dresses, classic basics tend to be photographed really beautifully.  

Personally I like to suggest one person usually mum in a print style clothing choice and then everyone else compliments and draws from what mum is wearing.

This way we are avoiding the outdated matchy matchy.

For Newborns, nice and simple for the win – a plain white jumpsuit (which doesn’t cover their tiny little fingers and toes) paired with a beautiful swaddle or blanket. Always a good idea for these sessions to have a backup outfit similar just encase you know what happens from either end


Pretty, pretty please with all the sugar on top don't wear shirts with big graphics / logos, / lettering these just never work.

Take a look through my gallery where you can see past images for inspiration for similar body shapes, skin tones etc  I most importantly need you to be comfortable in the clothing you will pick.  Don't forget to check your cupboard before hitting the shops we often have the goods already at home for everyone else but mum of course (you are special and deserve something new)

We booked an outdoor session but looks like it is going to rain?

If it is raining we will reschedule your session and your deposit will not be affected without a question. 

No one looks good dripping wet without swimwear!


If the forecast looks wet, I will be in contact, as this is the sunny state and in fact is not always sunny things change quickly.


If it is a cyclone we will re schedule, if your happy to see how the day pans out then this to will work for me.  I am very relaxed and take things as they come.  Shuffling your session will not make you a bad client by any mean

What about if someone in the family is sick?

We’ll reschedule if you guys are sick, and we’ll also reschedule if I’m sick!  No one wants what ever either of us have.

I work with newborn babies a lot, so their well being is always in my best interest.  Should you not be feeling well please let me know as soon as possible and we can move your booking no problem.

How will I get the photos?

You will have your own private gallery online & own personal app to view and purchase your gallery.


You will get your own private gallery which is password protected.

You will be able to select your images individually or fall in love with them all and just take the lot.  

You will be able to print, share & blast social media with how amazing your family looks and have grown since your last images.

How long after the shoot will I have to wait?

1-3 days after the shoot you will see a sneak peek on my social media so keep an eye on Facebook and or Insta - heck sometimes both!  You can tag yourself and share around as you like.

Family sessions will be ready to view no later than 2 weeks after your shoot, I will do everything I can to have them to you asap.  If you need them by a set date please let me know in advance and I will work out what I can do to get it done for you!

Birth will be ready within 3 weeks from your delivery - sneak peeks are the same 1-3 days (you can request no sneak peeks also)

When should I book for a Newborn Home session?

Once you know your due date is as good a time as any i say. 


The sessions themselves are nice when bubby is in the first few days being home.  However is we are stretching things or have NICU circumstances then the first 4 weeks home would be ideal.

Talk to me today and see what will suit your family.

What Newborn sessions do you offer?

I have three options for newborn sessions;

* FRESH 48 (in hospital)

*In home lifestyle newborn session

*Outdoor lifestyle newborn session

Posed newborn photography is not my niche but I have a lovely friend close by my side of town who I can recommend and she does amazing work in her studio.


Don't forget if you would like the very first second your baby is here captured I specialise in Birth stories.

why should I book birth photography?


I have lost two pregnancies unfortunately so I know first hand how special becoming a mother/bigger family is.

I am passionate about motherhood and becoming parents for the first time or fourth time they are all soooo special.  The way dad looks at mum after delivery, the comforting moments during the labour, the first cry, the crowning, the bond that is so pure, the skin to skin moments for mum and dad seriously the list goes on and on.


I have never heard anyone regret booking a birth photographer, only that they regret not booking one!

" I would love to book a session with you"

First of all a big thank you!  Choosing a photographer when there are so many amazing talented creatives in the market really is an honor.

Once you have reached out to me we will work out a date and time. I will send you through my online 
questionnaire private for just me to use for making your session so amazing,

A small deposit is required to secure your date this can be done via Bank transfer, Credit, Eftpos or Afterpay for "pay in full"


Attend your session of course and have an amazing time!!

Receive your online Gallery, where you can chose your package as seen on my Investments page, sort out any printing needs from the online gallery store

Receive delivery of products, share on social media (or not) and enjoy.


0431 185 646

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