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Rosie M, Thornlands

This was such an easy process, thank you for being so great with everything from responses, to esky to receiving my pills.  The photos are such a bonus having not really gotten to see the placenta at birth,

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Britt N, Brisbane

don't know what you do to these beans  I am so happy I booked this, if I ever birth again I will do exactly this again and with Kirby! Did I mention the win for check out with Afterpay.


Kate N, Bulimba

3rd + final baby I thought why not give this a go. Im shocked the taste is no where near as bad.  The cord keepsake is my favourite part!


Ale O, West End 

Received the pills Kirby + boom I am feeling great!  Not sure if its that burping trick you taught us or these magic beans but I am not regretting this yet.